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Funny Sounds For Download

Here is a selection of funny sounds, hilarious parodies and prank calls for free download all in streamable Real Media™ format. If you don’t have real player, download it for free from If you have problems (with the downloading), look at the bottom of this page.

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Funny Sounds

SoundFunny ParodiesFile Size
BSB 1Howard Stern Parody – Back Street Boys – The Gay Way3 MB
BSB 2Z100 Parody – Back Street Boys – Which Back Street Boy Is Gay?2 MB
Bimbo GirlParody of Aqua’s Barbie Girl697K
Scary CatSilly scary cat336K
BikeCheats never prosper!584K
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Cookie MonsterLimp Bizkit Parody sung by the Cookie Monster765K
Eminem (Marijuana Mix) Slim Shady Parody – Warning – Strong Language2 MB
Every HomoAnother Howard Stern Parody of the Back Street Boys1 MB
Slim AnusICP have a go at Eminem 4 MB
Keep Posin’Mad TV parody of Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ 2 MB
TitanicMy Fart Will Go On – Parody of the theme from Titanic843K

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How To Download

Just click the program names down the left to start downloading. Most of the files are in real media format. If you have not got real player, then goto and get the latest version now.

Note – You must have a javascript enabled browser to download these files. When links are clicked, a pop up window with a link in should pop up, which you should be able to click and start downloading. Download managers should be disabled. If you are using AOL and downloading does not work, try internet explorer netscape.