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Funny Programs For Download

Here is a selection of funny programs and funny files for free download. Also prank software that you can use to wind people up, and just generally amusing stuff. If you have problems (with the downloading), look at the bottom of this page.

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Funny Programs

ProgramPrank Programs – To annoy people with!File Size
Featured FREE Screen Saver

Lake Scene Screen Saver is a relaxing display of a beautiful photographic lake scene that comes to life with animation. You can enjoy the tranquility of nature without ever leaving your home or office. As you watch the spectacular flowing water, different types of wildlife will make their way across the screen. You’ll have to watch closely to see everything! The optional background nature sounds will complete the effect, making you feel like you really are out in the wilderness.
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Size: 1.2MB

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BurpThis program makes a loud burp every so often166K
ButtonsI hope you like clicking!152K
ConfirmWant to make a speedy exit? I don’t think so…98.5K
RumourThis asks male personal questions, but you may not be able to answer the way you want!22K
Drunk MouseThis program makes the mouse jerk around the screen6.88K
Earth QuakeMakes the active window shake (can’t be maximised though)14.8K
Fake DeleteImitation of the deletion of the windows directory125K
Fake FormatPretends to format the hard drive145K
Shy MouseThe mouse avoids buttons, including the start button32.5K
IQ TestA test of your true IQ 62.1K62.1K
Strip TeaseA teasing strip program, for men and women155K

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‘Viruses’ and the Prank Programs

We have scanned all of the files available here and to the best of our knowledge they are virus free. Some virus checkers will say the Prank Software files contain ‘joke viruses’. These are not ‘harmful’ viruses as you would normally expect. Here is a definition from

Joke programs –

Joke programs are ordinary executable programs. They are added to the
detection list because they are found to be very annoying and/or they
contain pornographic images. Joke programs cannot spread unless someone
deliberately distributes them. To get rid of a Joke program, delete the file
from your system.

Which can be found at

So they are pretty safe. None of the programs on this website contain pornographic images, and as long as they are used for ‘fun’ and not maliciously, no harm should be caused.

How To Download

Just click the program names down the left to start downloading. Most of the files are in zip format. If you have not got winzip, then goto and get the latest version now.

Note – You must have a javascript enabled browser to download these files. When links are clicked, a pop up window with a link in should pop up, which you should be able to click and start downloading. Download managers should be disabled. If you are using AOL and downloading does not work, try internet explorer netscape.